Our Luxury Laundry Services

  • Shirts

    Professional luxury full shirt laundry service. You can choose to have your shirts hanging or folded. Folded shirts are individually packed with cellophane.


    Your shirts will be brought back as near to new as we can get them. They will be packed on a wide board and tissued. There really is no shirt service in London to match it.

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  • Dry Cleaning

    Our luxury dry cleaning service is all about our attention to detail. All of our operators are highly skilled in working with all fabrics and will be able to make the garment look its best.


    Includes repairs - We will automatically put buttons back on as well as put a dropping cuff or hem back up. Of course the cleaning and pressing is absolutely second to none.

    Perfect presentation - We go all out to try and make the presentation look the best with plenty of tissue.

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  • Household Linen

    The quality of our luxury home linen laundry is second to none. The ironing and pressing will make your bed sheets beautifully crisp and exceptionally finished. Nothing beats sinking into a Wilton Green laundered bed set at the end of a long day.


    Your linen will be finished by hand with a soft to touch finish. It will also be nurtured back to as near to new as we can get it. Your Diamond linen will be beautifully arranged, and also tissued to enhance its presentation.

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  • Table Linen

    Have your table cloths and napkins professionally laundered by us. If you have a fancy lace or a beautiful damask then you needn’t worry. At Wilton Green we have years of experience and will know how to make it look absolutely superb.


    Fabulously finished by hand, your linen will be starched for a really crisp look on the table. It will be beautifully arranged and tissued for a grand presentation when it’s returned to you.

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  • Shoe Repairs

    Home pick-up collection and delivery of your shoes in need of repair. Our highly skilled and experienced cobblers offer all the normal options for men’s and ladies footwear.

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  • Clothing Repairs

    Wilton Green offers two services:

    1. Simple clothing alterations and minor repairs

    Simply call us out in the normal manner and we will happily offer you all the standard repairs and alterations that you may require. We employ highly experienced tailors to undertake our work in this department and are sure you will find it an excellent service.

    2. Full home tailoring service

    We also offer a full tailoring service brought right to your door! One of our experienced tailors will come to you. They are experienced in measuring and fitting as well as performing great tailoring work. After they have completed your job, items will be delivered back to you.

    Please note that a minimum order of £100.00 applies.

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  • Curtains

    We offer a full take down, clean and re-hang service on all curtains, overhead treatments and accessories (where necessary). We can also provide an on-site cleaning service for curtains should this be required.

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  • Wedding Dress Cleaning

    After your wedding day, you will no doubt wish to have your special dress restored. Wilton Green offer a wedding dress restoration service. Wilton Green will spot clean your dress by hand and treat individual stains before dry cleaning your dress.

    With Wilton Green you can choose how your dress is returned to you; in a presentation box with tissue paper or hanging as you prefer.

    You can rest assured that Wilton Green will apply their skills and experience to clean your wedding dress to the highest standard possible.

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Wilton Green Laundry are happy to inform our customers that we can clean most items of personal attire as well as home linens and soft furnishings. We would like to respectfully notify our customers that we do not accept items of personal underwear and handkerchiefs for cleaning.