Diamond Service

  • Pre item inspection and treatment
  • Beautifully Laundered
  • Detailed hand- finished
  • Minor repairs carried out for free
  • Remove laundry tags
  • Each order is wrapped with acid-free tissue
  • Each order is also wrapped with paper
  • Each order is then wrapped and sealed with plastic

Luxury Service

  • Pre item inspection
  • Laundered
  • Hand finished
  • Each order is folded and wrapped as a parcel

Budget Service

  • Wash
  • Machine finished
  • Laundry wrapped in plastic

Please note: Minimum £22 order.

become a regular

Have your laundry collected and delivered regularly. We will arrange to arrive at your door in the same time slot, weekly or bi-weekly depending on your needs. You will also receive a 10% discount on every order.

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